A Woman in the Pulpit?

Nineteen years ago last July, way back in the year 2000, I stepped into the pulpit of First Christian Church in Charlotte. It was a risky move for this church, which had never had a woman pastor before. Maybe it was a risky move for me, too, but it didn’t feel risky. It felt like … More A Woman in the Pulpit?

Do Tell . . . God’s Great Reveal, Exercises for May 6-12

Our current sermon series about faith sharing has officially begun. Before we can share our faith, we need to figure out what that faith actually is. These exercises are offered as a means to gain clarity about one’s own walk with God. The task for this week is to pick ONE of these three exercises … More Do Tell . . . God’s Great Reveal, Exercises for May 6-12


I don’t know why I didn’t share the Fred Craddock story about stars yesterday in my sermon. We gave out stars in church for Epiphany and each star had a significant word written on it. The idea of the “star words” is that you have a word, you live with it for a year, and … More Star-Telling